Cambridge Public School Sangam Vihar Admission Criteria 2017-18

Admission Criteria – Nursery

Parameters and points prescribed for Admission to open seats in Nursery class

Parameters/Criteria Points
Neighbourhood up to 8 km 60
0-3 km  60
3-6 km  50
6-8 km  30
Sibling studying in school 20
Girl child 10
Parent Alumni of school 05
Total 100


Commencement of admission process  02/01/2017(Monday)
Commencement of availability of admission application 02/01/2017(Monday)
Last date of admission application in schools  23/01/2017(Monday)
The date for displaying the first list of selected children including waiting list along with marks allotted under point system 15/02/2017(Wednesday)
The date for displaying the second list(if any)(including waiting list) 28/02/2017(Tuesday)
Closure of admission process 31/03/2017(Friday)

Note: Subject to change as per DOE guidelines