Nursery admissions in the national capital are likely to become centralised from the 2018-19 academic year, with the government planning to start an online system where applicants have to fill up a common form for entry into over 1,700 private schools.

While schools will be free to decide their criteria and point allocation, they will have to upload relevant details on the admission portal linked to the Directorate of Education website. At present, parents have to fill individual forms for each school they want to apply to. Although most schools have e-forms, several offer both online and offline options.

Officials said the move is aimed at ending the flip-flops on nursery admissions, which often lead to litigation and delays, and bringing more transparency into the system. Applicants will have to fill the common form on the website with all the details regarding age, residential address and information on parents as well as siblings. Applicants will be given points on the basis of the information provided.

“For instance, if an applicant’s residence comes within the three-km radius of a school, he or she will get as many points as the school defines for that distance. Similarly, if the school is giving points for siblings in the school, he or she will get them,” Atishi Marlena, advisor to education minister Manish Sisodia, told HT.

Schools follow a point system, under which they allocate points for various criteria such as neighbourhood (distance between the school and the applicant’s residence), siblings and alumni. The applicant with maximum points gets admission. 

Marlena said an algorithm would be used to match the applicant’s details with the requirements of the school, and allot marks to the applicant based on the criteria adopted by it. “The points allotted to the applicant will vary from school to school. Wherever the applicant matches the criteria required by a school, he or she will get points,” she added.

In case of more than one student getting the same points for a school, lots will be drawn to choose the candidate. “The person will be picked on the basis of a computerised lottery. Though parents have always questioned draw of lots by schools, the new system will be transparent and fair,” she said.

At present, admissions to economically weaker section/disadvantaged category seats are conducted online. Schools reserve 25% seats for these categories.

Nursery admissions to over 1,400 private schools for the next academic session will start on January 2, 2017. The schedule and guidelines for admissions to 285 schools built on DDA land are yet to be announced.

  • Check the criteria for various schools on DOE website Or TheSchoolPost
  • Fill the common admission form
  • Upload documents
  • Opt for schools (No limit on the number)
  • The system will allocate points
  • Check which schools you make it to
  • Computerised draw of lots
  • Go to school and complete admission process