Delhi Public School R.K. Puram Nursery Admission 2017-2018

Pre-School (Nursery) Admission 2017-2018
For Junior Schools – DPS Vasant Vihar & DPS East of Kailash
Registration & Admission Process – General Category (Open Seats)

Total number of seats in the Junior Schools of DPS R. K. Puram

S.No. Various Categories % DPS Vasant Vihar DPS East of Kailash
1 EWS / Disadvantaged Group Category 25% 54 45
2 General Category 50% 108 90
3 Staff Quota – Staff Child
(Staff of DPS R. K. Puram and its two Junior Schools at Vasant Vihar and East of Kailash)
5% 11 9
4 Management Quota 20% 43 36
5 Number of seats for each Junior School   216 180
  Parameters / Criteria – General Category POINTS
i Neighbourhood
(Localities specified in the map within the aerial radii of 15 km of the school)

Area Distance Points
A 0 – 1 KM 40
B 1.1 – 3 KM 35
C 3.1 – 6 KM 30
D 6.1 – 8 KM 25
E 8.1 – 15 KM 20
ii Sibling
(Real brother / sister studying in DPS R K Puram / Vasant Vihar / East of Kailash)
iii Parent (Father / Mother) Alumni of School
(Class X / XII Certificate – DPS R K Puram only)
iv Girl Child 05
v Single Parent
(Widow/Widower/Legally Divorced OR Single Parent with legally adopted child)
  Total  100


Registration of General Category will be completely On-line on school website

There is NO FEE for Online Registration.

Submission of duplicate registration for the same branch will automatically amount to cancellation of any one of the registration of the applicant.

Neighbourhood Consideration

Please click on the AREA MAP for reference. However, please note that the school transport will only be provided on available routes. The school does not guarantee or commit to provide transport facility on non-existing routes.

Essential Documents Required

The applicants shall produce the relevant documents in original at the time of verification along with a set of SELF ATTESTED photocopies listed below as and when required by the school (Refer point 6 (iii)). Kindly note these are not required at the time of online registration.

Birth Certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation
(Minimum Age: 3 Years by 31st March, 2017 as per DOE Order NO.DE.15 (172)/PSB/2016/77 Dated 19th December 2016 Point 15(iv))

Proof of residence (Minimum 2 out of the following)

  • Ration card issued in the name of parents (mother/father having name of the child.)
  • Domicile certificate of child or his / her parents.
  • Voter Identity Card /EPIC of any of the parents.
  • Electricity Bill/MTNL Telephone Bill / Water Bill/Passport in the name of any of the parents or child.
  • Aadhar Card / Unique Identity Card of Mother / Father / Child issued by the Government of India.
A copy of the Fee Bill/RFID Card issued by the school office for the Academic Session 2016-2017.
A copy of the pass certificate of X / XII issued by CBSE.
Relevant legal documents certifying the same.

Admission to the school is subject to verification of the documents listed above, and submission of a letter of undertaking, self-attested by both the parents in front of the verification team. The undertaking should clearly certify that the information given is correct and the documents submitted are true copies of the original.

This undertaking will also imply that the parents accept the decision of the school to cancel the registration/admission as final and binding, if at any given time the information or document submitted is found to be wrong/fake/untrue.

Steps involved in the Nursery Admission Process for GENERAL CATEGORY:
Step Description
1 At the first instance, the names of ‘SHORT-LISTED’ applicants who have higher value points/ above the cut-off i.e. above the points of other applicants will be put up. The ‘GENERAL Category LIST FOR DRAW OF LOTS’ (for applicants with same value points in a tie for remaining seats) will also be put up.

Criteria for Twins: In the case of twins, if one is selected the other twin will get sibling points. In a situation of draw of lots, the names of both will be considered in a single chit. Either both will be selected or both will not be considered for admission.

2 The details and schedule of the ‘GENERAL CATEGORY DRAW OF LOTS’ will be available on the school website. The draw will be held using a random method in complete transparency.
3 The verification process of the documents will be held in the respective Junior Schools as and when intimated by the respective Junior School for the applicants, whose points are within the zone of consideration.

Please note, both parents have to be present to submit self-attested copies of the above listed documents and to sign the letter of undertaking in the presence of the verification team.

4 FIRST LIST – The First List of PROVISIONALLY SELECTED CHILDREN & WAITLISTED CHILDREN will be displayed on the school website for further completion of formalities i.e. filling up of the Admission Form, submission of true copies, verification of Original Certificates, medical formalities and fee deposit.
5 SECOND LIST – After assessing the vacancies, the Second List (if any) of PROVISIONALLY SELECTED CHILDREN will be declared as per schedule. Please note, waitlisted children under the GENERAL CATEGORY LIST will move up as per their position. In case of any further vacancies the 3rd, 4th, 5th list will be declared.
6 All admissions will close on 31st March 2017.
General Category – Important Schedule

Revised schedule as per DOE Circular NO.DE.15(172)/PSB/2016/12822-12834 dated 23rd January 2017

Schedule Date
Display of criteria and their points. 1st January 2017
Commencement of admission process

  • Online Registration for General Category
2nd January 2017
Last date of submission for online registration 14th February 2017
Uploading details of children who applied to the school for admission under Open Seats Up to 21-02-2017 (Tuesday)
Uploading marks (as per point system) given to each of the children who applied for admission under Open Seats Up to 28-02-2017 (Tuesday)
The date for displaying the first list of selected candidates (including waiting list along with marks allotted under point system) 07-03-2017 (Tuesday)
Resolution of queries of parents, if any (by written/email/ verbal interaction) regarding allotment of points to their ward in the first list. 08-03-2017 to 10-03-2017
The date for displaying the second list of selected candidates, if any (including waiting list along with marks allotted under point system) 17-03-2017 (Friday)
Closure of the admission process 31st March 2017 (Friday)

All areas shown from 0 – 15 KM AERIAL radii of the respective school will apply under the General Category. If you are a resident of an area lying within 15 KM radii and it is not mentioned in the list, please select the nearest area shown on the map / mentioned in the list. Please note that the area should lie within aerial radii of 15 KM

For Any Technical Query, mail to: