The new proposed criterion for admission in nursery schools in Delhi based on the distance from home is a welcome step, feel many residents since it would ease out the transport problems.

Many countries encourage home schooling through professional teachers to encourage both education and cultural values to children in early education since parents have strong links with and stake in the schooling of their children.

Many educators are of the view that education of children up to grade level three should be done at home in emotive learning environment and contextualized to the needs of children. Let children get proficient in literacy and numeracy skills under the care of the teachers and community members.

The proposal is both academically and socially valid since schools are supposed to be small communities within larger community with proper psychosocial and pedagogically sound learning environment.

Even the stress caused by irrelevant education based on competition, uniformity and similarity is taking toll of children’s proper development in their formative years.

When viewed from the point of view of sound education in early years, the proposal is worth implementation and should be persuaded in the right earnest. We need to get sensitively involved in the education of young children.

Source: merinews