National Public School Maharani Bagh Admission Criteria 2017-18

National Public School Maharani Bagh

Kalindi Colony, Maharani Bagh, New Delhi-110065

Phone No.: +91-11-41629589 +91-11-41629859

E-Mail :

Admission Criteria and their Points
S.No. Criteria Marks
1 Neighbourhood upto 2 Kms. 55
2 Girl Child 20
3 Alumni (Father/Mother) 5
4 Sibling (Brother/Sister) 20

Mere Registration does not entitle a parent claim admission for the child. Admission will depend on Written Test/Interview and availability of seats .The registration is valid only for the Current Session.Date and Time of test will be communicated by post or in person at the school office . Admission if granted, shall be strictly under the terms and conditions laid down by the school in accordance with rules and regulations in the regards.

Note :  Please submit hard copy of the application form at school reception