Transparency in nursery admission

Of The 1,500 Private Schools Recognised By The Directorate Of Education, Only A Few Have Websites That Are To Be Used To Make The Information Public





TheHindu- The Delhi government’s idea of making the admission procedure for Nursery more transparent by asking schools to upload information online might not work well.

This may be because half of the schools affiliated with the Directorate of Education (DoE) do not even have a website.

The DoE, in its latest circular, had ordered all the private schools to upload information about the number of available seats, the selection criteria and the names of selected students on the website of the schools, as well as on the website of the directorate.

However, out of the 1,500 private schools that are recognised by the directorate, only a few have websites, which are to be used to make the information public.

“If the information is not uploaded on a public domain like the school website, how is it supposed to bring in transparency?,” asks lawyer activist Khagesh Jha.

The directorate in its circular, however, has not clarified if the information that is to be uploaded on its website will be made available for public viewing or not.

“If the schools upload information on a password protected private page, which only the director can see, then what is the point? The director would have thousands of things to take care of, why will he specifically keep a tab on all the school information,” Mr. Jha added.

With barely a month to go before the Nursery admissions start, the Delhi government has decided to keep most of the admission criteria like last year.

The only exception is that the process will be made more transparent.

Source- TheHindu