NEW DELHI: Parents embroiled in the battle against Maxfort School are now seeking help from lieutenant governor Najeeb Jung. On Tuesday, when yet another set of kids—this time two nursery admission students—were sent home, parents headed to the LG’s office and submitted a complaint.

Till the matter of Maxfort’s takeover by the Delhi government is decided, conflicts between parents and the school have become a routine.

“On Friday, too, school authorities had refused to let a few kids enter and asked the cab driver to take them back. They had told the parents not to send their children if the fees weren’t paid. But he refused, so the children had to be let in. On Tuesday, however, two kids were sent back. We asked the authorities to tell us in writing that they’re sending the children away but they refused,” said a parent.

The battle began with the year-on-year increase in fees and parents inquiring into what the various societies running the schools were doing with the funds. Investigation by the government led to a takeover order from the LG, which was halted halfway by the court.
“How can we allow children whose parents haven’t paid a single rupee for six-seven months? Others who were holding out and have paid, their children have been readmitted,” said Sanjay Khanna from the school management.

Both the Directorate of Education and the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) had written to the school. “We have responded to those letters, have mentioned their arrears,” said Khanna.

“We are willing to pay for what it takes to run the school,” a parent said, “If the court opens an escrow account or the DoE opens one and manages it, we’ll definitely pay. Why should we pay a school that has moved money around?”