Presentation Convent Sr Sec School S.P. Mukherjee Marg Pre-Primary Admissions – 2016 (General Information)

1. Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School is an English Medium School for girls.

2. The following languages are taught in school: English (KG-XII), Hindi (KG-X) and Sanskrit (VI-X). There is no provision for any other language. Apply only if the same is acceptable to you.

3. This Registration form is for Pre-Primary class. Please do not fill it for any other class.

4. Girls born between 1 st April 2011 and 31st March 2012 will be eligible for admission.

5. As a Christian Minority school, 50 points will be allotted to Christians.

6. In recognition to his/her service to the Nation/State in the field of Education/Social Sector/ Sports, National Awardees/State Awardees will be given points.

7. We work towards empowerment of women. Hence, points are given to women (mother of the child) who are in a government job.

8. Few seats will be given to people who have helped and/or assisted the school in various capacities.

9. The Point System will be as follows:

Presentation Convent Sr Sec School S.P. Mukherjee Marg

10. To avail points, documentary evidence in form of self-attested/attested photocopies will have to be attached with the printout of the Registration form.

a. Christians should produce a Baptism Certificate of the child and a letter from the Parish Priest stating that they are practicing Christians and members of the Church. National Awardee/State Awardee means the person who has received a National/State award in the field of Sports/Social Sector/Education from the government. This is in recognition to his/her service to the nation. Documentary proof in form of newspaper clipping will have to be submitted in order to avail the points. Staff members will have to attach a photocopy of their identity card. Maximum of 50 points will be given even if more than one parameter is applicable

b. For distance, please attach any one of the following as proof of your residence. No other proof will be acceptable.

(i) Voter’s Identity Card

(ii) Your Telephone Bill/Mobile Bill for November 2015 or later

(iii) Your Electricity Bill for November 2015 or later

(iv) Rent agreement registered with the Sub-Registrar of the Area. This rent agreement should be at least six months old

(v) Aadhaar card

(vi) Passport issued in 2011 or later.

c. For only child, the parents have to submit an affidavit (in original) on a Rs. 50/- stamp paper (as per enclosed format) and attested either by the Oath Commissioner or Notary Public, stating that this child is their only child as on 01.01.2016, and if the information is found to be incorrect at any stage till the child is in school, the admission will be cancelled immediately and they will not have any recourse for appeal as they have submitted a false affidavit for the purpose of securing admission of their child.

d. For Sibling please attach your elder daughter’s last result/latest fee receipt. These points will be given to those who have one daughter in school and have applied for admission for their second daughter. It is not meant for those who have two or more children studying in this school. No points will be given/admission will automatically stand cancelled if this information is found to be incorrect.

e. For Alumna please attach proof of mother having studied in this school for at least two years along with marriage certificate to show change in name, if any.

f. In-Service Defence Personnel/Paramilitary forces/Police should attach a letter from the Senior Officer/photocopy of Identity Card. Maximum of 5 points will be given even if both are serving in Defence/Paramilitary/Police. These points are not meant for civilians serving in these departments.

g. Working mother (of the child) should produce a photocopy of her identity card/letter duly attested by a senior officer in her Office. Points will be given only if she is in a government job.

9 Printout of the Registration form along with Demand Draft for Rs. 25/- (Rupees twenty five) only in favour of PRESENTATION CONVENT SR SEC SCHOOL and all enclosures (as applicable) should be submitted through the “DROP BOX” kept in the school from Tuesday, 5th January 2016 till Thursday, 21st January 2016 between 8:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on all working days and on Friday, 22nd January 2016 up to 5:00 p.m. MERE ONLINE REGISTRATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED WITHOUT SUBMISSION OF THE HARD COPY ALONG WITH THE REGISTRATION FEE. Please retain a copy of the Registration form for your records.

10. Affidavits in place of Birth Certificates from the Municipal Corporation will not be accepted.

11. All photocopies should either be Self attested or attested by a Gazette Officer. Please tick mark submitted photocopies in your application form.

12. All selections and admissions are done on the basis of the information given in the Registration form and the documents submitted along with it. If, at any stage, this information is found to be incorrect, the child will lose points and/or the admission of the child will be cancelled. The school reserves the right to reject Registration forms that are incomplete and/or contains false information and/or the documents are forged.

13. All documents submitted at any time will become the property of the school and will not be returned.

14. Information regarding Pre-Primary admissions will also be available on our website,

15. The list of children selected for Admission as well as for the Draw (if any) will be displayed on the school notice board on Monday, 15.02.16 at 5:00 p.m. Please do not make any enquiries before the above date. The list will also be available on our website.

16. The school will follow the government’s FEE REFUND POLICY in case of Withdrawal of admitted children. 17. Submission of the hard copy of the Registration Form along with the Registration fee would amount to your acceptance of the school’s policy and terms and conditions regarding admission to Pre-Primary class. 18. Parents of children short-listed for admission will be called for verification of documents. Kindly carry the original documents with you on the dates as displayed on the school notice board

List of Attested documents/photocopies (as applicable) to be attached with the Registration form

a. Christians should attach a Baptism Certificate of the child AND a Letter from the Parish Priest stating that they are registered and practising members of the Church. National Awardee/State Awardee should enclose newspaper clippings. Staff members should enclose a photocopy of their identity card

b. Address proof, (any one of the six) as mentioned above

c. Affidavit (in original) for only child

d. Elder Daughter’s last result/latest fee receipt

e. Alumna to attach proof of having studied for a minimum of two years in this school along with a copy of marriage certificate (for change in name, if any)

f. Proof of In-Service Defence Personnel/Paramilitary force/Police

g. Photocopy of identity card/letter duly attested by the senior Officer of mother in a government job.

h. Birth Certificate from the Municipal Corporation

i. Demand Draft in favour of Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School for Rs. 25/-. Please mention the Registration number and the name of your child on the reverse of the Demand Draft.


  • Hard copy without signatures will be rejected.
  • No undertaking for Verification of documents at a later date will be entertained.
  • The result will also be displayed on the internet at: