NEW DELHI: A few schools among the 285 that are yet to receive their set of guidelines from the Directorate of Education have released their schedules and nursery admission criteria. This has led to confusion among parents who have been waiting for the central guidelines before starting the nursery admission process of their wards.

These schools have released guidelines which allot a chunk of seats to those living in the neighbourhood, though the definition of neighbourhood varies. Among other admission criteria are points for girl child, single parent and sibling of a student in the school, wards of staff and minorities.
“Parents are already worried about when the 285 schools will get their guidelines. But these schools have added to the confusion because now parents think that their admissions will also start like the rest of the lot that does not fall on DDA land, on January 2. We are getting many queries about the criteria and guidelines for these schools,” said Sumit Vohra, the founder of
The DoE had released a set of guidelines on December 19 for admission into nursery in private schools. As per the guidelines, the admission process will begin on January 2. Admission criteria will be uploaded online and submitted to the DoE the day before.

However, the final list, which is yet to be released, pertains to the 285 schools on public land. Though this number is a fraction of the 1,700 private unaided schools in the city, they include the hugely competitive DAVs, Delhi Public Schools, Bal Bhartis, Heritages and also Vasant Valley and Ahlcon International.