Springdales School Pusa Road Admission Information for Nursery Class 2016-2017

Policy, Categories, Criteria and Procedures

The admission policy will reflect the general ethos and philosophy of the Springdales Schools run by the Springdales Education Society (Estd. 1956). The schools are inter-generational, and promote inclusivity, integration and heterogeneity in their student community. They impart a wholesome education which develops in Springdalians good citizenship, social responsibility and multi-faceted talent. The school motto “Vasudaiva Kutumbhakum – the world is a family” permeates the entire curriculum and elucidates its commitment to an integrated secular India and a peaceful and a socially just world.

The Management, staff, alumni and parents share a collective vision and mutual purpose in education so that the students may fruitfully contribute to the wider society and address the realities and concerns of our country and of the world.

Springdales has a clear DIVERSITY POLICY in place which is reflective of the Constitutional goals of our nation. We believe in the intrinsic right of every child to receive good quality education. So along with others we educate:-

a) Children of Economically Weaker Sections of Society (Government to admit)

b) Children with Special Needs

c) Children of Religious/Linguistic Minority Communities

For Admission to the 170 seats in the entry class for Pusa Road and Kirti Nagar 2016-17

We have therefore kept the following categories which are in consonance with the school policy and guidelines of the RTE Act.

Springdales School Pusa Road


Children of the EWS category will be given 25% of the seats as per the total intake of the entry class i.e. 26. This is the percentage mandated under the RTE Act and is a part of our social responsibility. The government will be doing the admission as per the directive.


For this category there will be 48 seats available which will be 47% of the total seats for this class.

The Criteria for selection of these children will be in accordance with the guidelines given. i.e. there will be no interviewing or screening of children or their parents. The whole process will be fair and rational, non-discriminatory, transparent and child-friendly. Admission will be based on the information given and will have to be backed by authentic proofs with documents attached to the form when submitted. Information regarding parents’ professions and educational qualifications will not form a part of the admission criteria. It will be used only for school data processing.

Admission for the General Category of seats will be based on the following 7 criteria as per school’s policy for which points will be given to ensure a rational and fair result. If there is a tie in the points for the last seats to be allotted there will be Random Selection in the form of a Draw of lots to finalise these seats in the same transparent manner as for the EWS category. The list of selected and non-selected candidates will be placed on the public domain showing the points secured.


Children of Staff :

All permanent members of staff have a right to apply for the admission of their children. Grand Children of Staff members who have attained Superannuation in Springdales will be admitted to a maximum of 5% seats under Staff Category. Unfilled seats will be converted to General Category.

These candidates must apply through the online registration form but no points are required for this category. If the applications exceed the number of seats allotted there will be a draw of lots and the non-selected candidates will be deferred to the next session. Grandchildren of retired staff will may be considered as fee paying students.

Any staff seats un availed at the time of closure of admission will be transferred to General category.


Special Needs Category :

The school has a well-recognised Integrated Special Needs programme for differently – abled children. A Special Needs Centre is in operation. To be eligible for the integrated programme parents must attach authenticated documents related to the disability and a Certificate that the Child is ready for entry to Main stream education. There is no point system for this category but a lottery is conducted in the presence of parents provided that all documentation is complete. Maximum of 3% seats reserved in this category.

Any seats un availed at the time of closure will be transferred to General category.


1) Girl Child Criteria (10 points) :

Gender Parity and equal opportunity for the Girl child is a part of Springdalian ethos. Being co-educational the schools try to ensure that the student population has an equal balance between the sexes.

2) Residence Criteria (30 points maximum) :

Proximity of residence to the school is beneficial to both the child and the local community. So residence has been included as Criteria for admission. It covers two aspects :-

(a) Those who live in surrounding areas which are specified in the registration form (30 points) and those who live in areas covered by the bus routes for Kindergarten children (30 points)
(b) Those who live further away but can make their own satisfactory transport arrangements. (20 points)

3) Sibling Criteria (25 points allocation) :

The school considers this to be a very important factor for admission as it becomes very problematic for parents to have children in different schools. Existing parents also have a bonding with the school which they chose for their first child because of its special features. Even then, it will not be possible to accommodate all.
4) Alumni Criteria (25 points) :

The schools are three-generational and have a large 60 year-old Alumni Association with 5000 life members deeply attached to their Alma Mater and who have great aspirations for their children’s education at Springdales.

A) Full points will be given to those alumni who – have become members of the Old Springdalians Association at least 3 years prior to this application.

For non-fulfillment of the above criteria (A) only 15 points will be granted.

5) Minority Criteria (5 points):

In keeping with its ethos and objectives, the schools embrace a diverse mix of children from different communities, religions, linguistic groups. Aspirants must provide authentic proofs that they qualify as minorities as defined by authorized bodies like the Minorities Commission.

6) Single Parent Criteria (5 points):

For children with single parent (Mother / Father)

o Legal Proof of custody of child to be attached

o In case of death of Spouse death certificate to be attached

Admission Procedure & Schedule for all Categories:

Instruction for Parents:

Online Registration Form .

1. Fill the complete details in the form online and submit it online.

2. After filling the form online take a printout attach photo copies of all documents required with the printed form.

3. Submit the Printed Form, complete in all respects to the School office along with the registration fee of Rs. 25/-, as per the schedule given below.

4. Kindly note the points calculated on the registration form submitted online are subject to verification and may be changed.

KINDLY NOTE: Forms for Springdales School, Pusa Road, Springdales School, Kirti Nagar and Springdales School Dhaula Kuan are separate for all units.

Parents seeking admission in Springdales School, Pusa Road and Springdales School, Kirti Nagar should deposit the forms at Springdales School, Pusa Road

Parents seeking admission in Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan must deposit the duly filed form at Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan.


Registration fees of Rs.25/- is to be deposited at the time of submission of the form.

Dates for Admission Procedure

Springdales School Pusa Road Admission Procedure

Springdales School Pusa Road Nursery Admission Procedure

List of documents to be enclosed with the filled up forms are hereunder:

1. Copy of Birth certificate of the Child

2. Proof of Residence(any one)

· Ration Card issued in the Name of the parents

(mother/father having the name of the child)

· Domicile certificate of the child or his/her parents

· Voter I D of any of the parents

· Electricity Bill/ MTNL telephone bill/ Water Bill

Passport in the Name of any of the Parents or child
· Aadhaar Card/ UID card issued in the name of any of the parents

3. Proof of Sibling

· Copy of fee bill of sibling

Copy of report card
4. Proof of Alumni

· Copy of Character certificate

OSA Membership Card
5. In case of Minority

· Proof of qualifying for Minorities as defined by The Minorities Commission.

6. In case of Single Parent

· Legal document regarding single parent status.

7. Children of Staff

· Details of Employment

Date of employment
Years of service
8. Special Needs Category

· Authenticated documents related to the disability and certificate from the Medical Specialist / Clinical Psychologist that the child is ready for mainstream schooling.

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