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The British School Chanakyapuri New Delhi Application Process

1- Registrations for the year 2016-17 will begin from 1 November 2015. Only online registrations will be accepted.
2- Applicants from all backgrounds, nationalities and education systems will be considered.

Admission is dependent upon:
• On a place being available in the year group in for which admission has been applied for.
• The ability of applicants to demonstrate that they can complement the international character of the school’s student population and benefit from the education provided by The British School.
• Year 11 and Year 13 are not entry points for any student unless they are coming from the same examinations system, and have the capability of joining the programme part way through, providing we are able to offer the same or similar subject choices. Year 11 is the final year of the IGCSE course (comprising Years 10 & 11) and Year 13 is the final year of the IB Diploma Programme (comprising Years 12 & 13).

The Admission Process

Registration can only be done online. To complete the registration process, a set of documents need to be submitted either through courier or in person. It is mandatory for all documents to be submitted in full for an application to be considered.
• Previous school reports (last 2 years where applicable)
• Photocopy of the child’s passport.
• Photocopy of the parents’ passport (if diplomat).
• Passport sized photograph of the child (colour).
• Registration Fee: Rs.60,000/- by credit/ debit card online. As stated in the revised Admissions Policy of The British School approved by the Board of Governors, the following is applicable to all potential admissions, i.e. all applicants for 2016-17.
A total Registration Fee of Rs.60,000/- is to be paid. This includes:
• Administrative fee (Rs. 10,000/-) which is non-refundable and does not guarantee admission
• The Registration charge: Rs.50,000/- which does not guarantee admission ( is refundable )
Please note that the Registration charge:
• Will be adjusted against the first term tuition fee when the applicant accepts the offer of admission from the school and enrols; and
• Is fully refundable for all families who have not been given an offer of admission and are withdrawing their application from the waiting list on or before 10th of August of the academic year for which the application for admissions was made.
The ‘Registration charge’ will be forfeited (will become non-refundable) if:
a. For any reason, the family does not accept the offer of admission.
b. The family does not request, in writing, to the admissions office, the withdrawal from the waiting list on or before 10 August of the academic year for which the application for admissions was made.
The payment of the ‘Registration fee’ enables the application to be valid for the duration of the child’s school age, i.e. till the time the applicant turns 17 years.

Other Important Information About The British School Chanakyapuri New Delhi

Registrations for the next academic year, i.e. 2016-2017 will commence on 1 November 2015. Only online applications will be accepted.

Families who wish to withdraw their children from school need to inform the Admissions Office ( and the Accounts Office ( in writing.

Visit The School Website For withdraw Form And Online Application Form For Nursery Admission Session 2016-17

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